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I love to read books about romance and especially about fictional characters who are like me. Dystopian books are also some of my favorites. My favorite authors include Ellen Hopkins, Veronica Rossi, Molly McAdams, and Stephenie Meyer. I also love the ocean and chilling with friends whenever I have the time.

Through the Never Night

Omg just finished the sequel to Under the Never Sky and it was amazingly good!  At some parts I got mad at Perry, man I could not put this book down.  So in this book (which I'm hoping some of you have read the first one) Aria and Perry meet up again after months of not seeing each other.  Since Perry is rendered to her, it was complete torture to not have seen her for so long.  Also because he thought she had left back to Reverie.  Well she would have, but Hess, Soren's dad, needs her to find the Still Blue in return for Talon, Perry's nephew whom he has also rendered to.  In order to find the Still Blue though, the have to go to Rim, another tribe's homeland ruled by Sable.  Tricky part is Sable hates Dwellers and Aria is a Dweller.  So while Perry tends to his people and homeland, Aria and Roar head to Rim to get Liv, Roar's love and Perry's sister, and the information for Still Blue.  But little does everyone know about Hess's plan for Reverie and what he will do to get to the Still Blue.  Read the sequel to Under the Never Sky to figure out what Hess's plan is what Perry, Aria, and the people are going to next.  Also if you have read the book, look out for the last and final book to this trilogy! It's going to be intense!