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I love to read books about romance and especially about fictional characters who are like me. Dystopian books are also some of my favorites. My favorite authors include Ellen Hopkins, Veronica Rossi, Molly McAdams, and Stephenie Meyer. I also love the ocean and chilling with friends whenever I have the time.


In this blog I will be typing about a book that I have currently been reading called Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh.  This is actually the second book of the Nevermore series.  Basically the story is based in modern times with a little bit of a twist.  Isobel Lanley has fallen for Varen Nethers who is a boy stuck in an Edgar Allen Poe sort of world.  In all honesty, I have no idea how to explain that part without spoiling the whole story.  Let's just say Varen gets kind of sucked back into time, and now Isobel can see Varen's sort of world.  Anywho, this series is actually really well thought out.  I love the EAP twist in it.  Some of the characters you can actually picture what they would look like in real life.  I actually tried to draw one of them once.  It didn't turn out all that beautiful though.  I honestly would only recommend this book to people who are interested in Edgar Allen Poe because the story is kind of dark.  Also it's kind of a romance too considering Varen and Isobel repeatedly have to save each other from certain things.  If I could compare it to another book series, it would sort of be like the Mortal Instruments or Fallen series.  There's action, love, and darkness in pretty much all three of these series.  Although I recommend reading the Fallen series by Lauren Kate because they are AMAZING!  To wrap it up, check out any of these series because they are seriously all awesome.


For today's book blog I would like to type about this amazing novel called Broken by Kelly Elliott.  A young woman by the name of Whitley moves to Llano, Texas with her best friend Courtney to escape her abusive "fiance", Roger.  When she gets there, heart throb Layton Morris sweeps her off of her feet, and she falls madly in love with him.  Actually that doesn't happen, but it does later in the story.  Like Whitley, Layton has been hurt too.  His older brother, Mike, dies while serving time in the Marines.  Layton's girlfriend, Olivia, also leaves him the day after his brother was killed.  In the beginning when Layton and Whitley first meet, both are scared to fall for each other.  They don't want to be in love again because of their pasts which I can understand that. After a few weeks I think, Layton finally tells Whit that he loves her (cue Prince Charming moment).  Although it may seem like the fairytale ending something drastic happens near the end of the book. I have read this book before, but I don't want to spoil it.  So if you love romance novels I would definitely check this book out.  Another author who writes in the same genre is Molly McAdams which is one of my favorite authors! Have fun reading and try not to cry!

From Ashes

So I just got done reading From Ashes by Molly McAdams for the third time and man this book is just filled with so many different emotions.  Every single time I read it, I get the same feelings.  From Ashes is about a girl named Cassi who grew up in California being beaten by her mother and step dad, and the second she turns 18, her best friend Tyler packs up her stuff, chews out her mom, and takes her to Texas with him to live with his cousin, Gage.  The instant Cassi sees Gage, she starts to go crazy over him.  He's god-like and super attractive with his southern drawl and deep green eyes.  Little does she know that Gage falls for her instantly too.  The second he sees her get out of Tyler's jeep, he knew he had to be with her.  She was gorgeous with long brown hair and whiskey colored eyes.  The bad part is that Tyler loves Cassi too and is determined to be with her regardless of the cost.  Throughout the book, Gage and Cassi struggle to tell each other their feelings for each other, Tyler struggles with the fact that Cassi loves Gage, Cassi struggles with her past demons, and they all have to find a way to work it out.  Honestly, this is by far my most favorite love story ever.  My heart still races when I read this book.  In fact, I'm reading it again.  I definitely think y'all should check out this book because it's an amazing book and their symbol (the phoenix) is truly inspiring.  After the first time I read this book I decided I was going to get a phoenix tattoo because of the meaning behind the bird itself and in the book.  Thank you Mrs. McAdams for writing such a fantasic read!  

Into the Still Blue

Holy crap guys the last book of the trilogy is so amazingly fantastic!  It's so intense and near the end it gets a little sad too, but so much emotion has coursed through me while reading this book!  So the plot in this book is to mainly get the Tides to the Still Blue.  Along the way they of course go through hardships.  There is unfortunately quite a bit of bloodshed in this one.  Um Sable takes over and uses his powers to his advantage.  Man that guy is just pure evil.  I honestly do not like him.  Now our main characters Perry and Aria are doing well.  They had a few arguments but nothing completely major.  Also the Aether is getting worse.  Storms are happening every day now and so the Tides are living in this cave.  I don't really know why I love this trilogy so much.  I think it's because of Aria and Perry's relationship.  They help me to remember that love can conquer a lot of things and it helps me remember that even though there may be hardships, you should never give up trying.  Under the Never Sky has become my most favorite series I have read.  I have learned about the struggles of being a leader, how to make difficult choices, how to sacrifice for the benefit of others, and to never give up.  I have learned that love can go a long way and can help make others stronger.  I never would have guessed this series to be inspiring, but it definitely has inspired me.  I truly recommend people to read it because who knows, maybe you'll feel the same way.  All together, this series is the best series I've read and I give a big thumbs up to Veronica Rossi for writing and creating such a different and unique world for me to escape in.

The 5th Wave

If you like books about aliens then this will definitely grab your interest in Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave! This book is about Cassie's struggle to survive this alien invasion on Earth, Ben's way to keep himself alive in Squad 53 and to learn how to move on, Sammy's desperateness to have his sister, Cassie, come find him, and Evan's choice between what he is and what is right.  It only took a few months for the aliens to destroy over half the population.  Now the question is who do you kill and who can you trust?  Cassie has to consider her options everyday.  She uses her instincts and her mind 24/7.  Her main goal? Find Sammy and with the help of Evan she can.  Now I've already read this book, but I love it so much that I am reading it again.  I don't want to say any more about it because I honestly hate spoilers.  All I can say is check it out and read it because it gives you a different concept on aliens and it just an amazing read.  I promise it will be worth the time. 


Through the Never Night

Omg just finished the sequel to Under the Never Sky and it was amazingly good!  At some parts I got mad at Perry, man I could not put this book down.  So in this book (which I'm hoping some of you have read the first one) Aria and Perry meet up again after months of not seeing each other.  Since Perry is rendered to her, it was complete torture to not have seen her for so long.  Also because he thought she had left back to Reverie.  Well she would have, but Hess, Soren's dad, needs her to find the Still Blue in return for Talon, Perry's nephew whom he has also rendered to.  In order to find the Still Blue though, the have to go to Rim, another tribe's homeland ruled by Sable.  Tricky part is Sable hates Dwellers and Aria is a Dweller.  So while Perry tends to his people and homeland, Aria and Roar head to Rim to get Liv, Roar's love and Perry's sister, and the information for Still Blue.  But little does everyone know about Hess's plan for Reverie and what he will do to get to the Still Blue.  Read the sequel to Under the Never Sky to figure out what Hess's plan is what Perry, Aria, and the people are going to next.  Also if you have read the book, look out for the last and final book to this trilogy! It's going to be intense!



Under the Never Sky

So I just got done reading this quite fantastic book by Veronica Rossi called Under the Never Sky.  It's based in the future and the world has these Aether storms that just destroy anything in their path.  Well this girl named Aria gets in trouble for breaking into one of these forbidden pod things and she gets kicked out of her pod home called Reverie.  From all the stories she's heard, anyone that goes outside of Reverie or any sanctum will die.  I don't want to spoil anything because it's super good so I'm just going to stop right there.  The main characters are Peregrine and Aria and they embark on a difficult, intense yet romantic adventure together.  Honestly, this is one of the best books I have read besides The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.  The book always kept me on the edge of my seat and I never wanted to put it down.  Check it out of you love a book with some action, romance, and fiction in it!